Bringing education to the children and people of a poor village community in rural Cambodia.

Kiwis 4 Cambodian Kids is a New Zealand-based charitable trust working in the poor villages of rural Cambodia. We are committed to raising the livelihoods of poor but very capable people through education in all its forms.

K4CK recognizes that, with knowledge, the abilities and willingness of these people will lead to them building their own strong  livelihoods in ways that empower the community to become self sustaining.

We are now developing a brand new Community Learning Center in Preah Dak Commune near the famous Angkor Wat Temples in Siem Reap Province. We work closely with the community, on their land, to bring a free library with directed reading, arts and crafts, as well as an English program with emphasis on quality of teaching and learning.

We look ahead to developing agriculture, technology and other wants of our people.